Jet Services adds a Wi-Fi Equipped Citation CJ4

Jet Services is proud to announce the beginning of charter operations in this beautiful, 2020 model Citation CJ4. This aircraft is regarded as one of the best performers in the light jet segment and provides our clients with an option for greater speed, increased range and more payload when compared to our other light jet offerings. The passenger experience is second to none with late model conveniences in the cabin, including complementary domestic Wi-Fi.


The CJ4 includes a spacious cabin with seating for 8 passengers. A 9th passenger can be seated on the belted seat located in the fully enclosed lavatory in the rear of the aircraft. 

All seats within the cabin swivel and track forward/aft and inboard/outboard, with the two center forward facing seats also floor-tracking. In-between the double-club seats are two bi-fold tables, along with slimline bi-fold tables for the rear seating area. In order to increase the space within the club seat area the rear-most seats can be moved further back. The CJ4 also offers unique sidewall storage areas which enhance the user experience while onboard.

The CJ4 features a monitor on the forward bulkhead and side-ledge environmental system controls. All lights in the cabin are LED and each seat has cabin-management system controls. Gogo Business Aviation’s air-to-ground Wi-Fi system is complementary on every flight to provide passengers with seamless domestic airborne connectivity.


The Cessna Citation CJ4 is powered by two rear mounted Williams International FJ44-4A engines, with each one producing 3,621 lbs of thrust (7,242 lb total). This gives the CJ4 a maximum cruise speed of 451 knots at a maximum cruising altitude of 45,000 feet. In its most economical configuration and weights, the CJ4 has a maximum range of 2,165 nautical miles (2,491 miles/4,010 kms).

With a take-off distance of 3,410 feet and a landing distance of just 2,940 feet, the CJ4 is capable of flying from smaller airports to smaller airports. The key benefits of flying between smaller airports is that they are closer to your final destination and the admin element of flying will be far quicker than larger airports. These factors will be crucial in reducing your overall travel time. The Cessna Citation CJ4 has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 17,110 lbs, a figure consistent with its competition. Check out our fleet range comparison with this Aircraft Range Map from Textron Aviation.

jetKey Membership

This Citation CJ4 also serves as an additional offering in the jetKey Membership Program. Clients can utilize this aircraft along with any other charter fleet aircraft, per the specialized program pricing. For more information on the jetKey membership program, please email Kevin Marks, Vice President at [email protected]

Game Changer

Jet Services continues to diversify our fleet offerings to create solutions for each mission need. The CJ4 fits the need for a high speed, long range aircraft within the light jet segment.  Previously unattainable non-stop flights are now possible with the addition of this aircraft. The CJ4’s larger cabin paired with the increased range, payload and speed will make this aircraft a strong solution to most trip needs. Contact our scheduling team by clicking the “Contact Us” button below to learn more.

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