Finding a Jet Aircraft for Lease is Easier than you Think!

Jet Services makes finding private jets for lease easier than you might think. When clients express interest in an airplane lease, our team goes to work to create a perfect solution.

What is an Aircraft Lease?

An aircraft lease is a formal document that creates access to an aircraft. We file these leases with the Federal Aviation Administration in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations. As part of the lease requirements, lessees are responsible to obtain and train their own flight crew. The Lessee is the operator and is in 100% control of the operations of the aircraft.

Aircraft leasing is a great choice for people or businesses that want to use an aircraft for personal or work reasons. Leasing allows access to an aircraft without the need to purchase it outright. This can be a cost-effective solution for those who do not want to commit to owning an aircraft. Leasing also provides flexibility in terms of the type of aircraft and duration of use.

Some clients may need an aircraft for a short amount of time whereas others may need an aircraft for several years. We offer jet lease programs for both short term and long term needs. This flexibility is important to meet all client expectations.

Long-Term Lease

Many clients enjoy the flexibility to lease a private jet in lieu of making a purchase. In many cases, aviation leasing creates opportunities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Our long-term programs are for clients who wish to lease a plane for 2 or more years. A dry lease like this creates consistency for all parties and allows the most advantageous rate structure.

Pilots, Maintenance, and Insurance are the responsibility of the lessee. Effectively, all operational and maintenance control is the same as in aircraft ownership. The only difference is how you obtained the aircraft.

Short-Term Lease

Jet Services can assist with leasing an airplane if you need a short-term lease. These programs are for clients who need an aircraft for a shorter length of time. Typically, short-term leases are for clients who need access to an aircraft for less than 2 years. In many cases, a client may only need to lease a jet for a few months.

Lessees will be responsible for providing their own flight crews who meet our established insurance requirements. Lessees will interface with our maintenance team to ensure that all maintenance requirements are up to date. Short-term leases are more expensive than long-term leases. This is because we provide aircraft insurance and maintenance oversight for the entire lease period.

Aircraft Selection

Citation Ultra InteriorJet Services focuses our aviation leasing programs on aircraft from the Textron Aviation family. Citation and King Air aircraft provide superb options and operational flexibility. No matter the need of the client, we can find an appropriate option for you.

Occasionally, we may have an aircraft available to meet your needs. In most cases, however, we will find the right aircraft and make a purchase to facilitate the lease. The client will be part of the selection process, thus ensuring the correct fit. Once the aircraft closes, we will deliver it to the lessee to start the lease term.

Lease Terms

Lease terms can be as short as a few months and as long as 5 years. All agreements include a fixed monthly lease payment. Each lease will also include a maximum number of hours for each month. If you exceed the flight hour maximum, we will charge an additional hourly rate for that month.

Final Thoughts

Jet Services provides clients with comprehensive aviation services. We are a leasing company who focuses our efforts on creating a great fit for our clients. We understand that you need to be pleased with the arrangement and equipment to enjoy a long relationship with us. For more information on lease agreements, please submit your information on the form below.

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