Jet Services Maintenance Gains HondaJet Third Party Delegate Approval

Jet Services Maintenance, Inc. (JSM) has been approved to provide limited line maintenance services for HondaJet HA-420 aircraft out of our facility at the Mobile Regional Airport (KMOB) in Mobile, AL. The authorization comes after Honda Aircraft’s development of the “Third Party Delegate” program allowing HondaJet dealers to designate additional service locations within their territories for certain HondaJet maintenance activities. JSM partners with Banyan Aviation out of Ft. Lauderdale Executive (FXE) to be able to provide services to clients within the HondaJet Southeast territory.

JSM is currently authorized to provide limited line maintenance activities including the following events: 

  • 150 & 300 Hour Inspections
  • ELT Checks
  • Battery Capacity Checks/Replacements
  • Tire Changes
  • Brake Changes 

As an approved maintenance provider, JSM will also be available to help Banyan Aviation service AOG needs in the northwestern portion of the HondaJet Southeast territory. 

Since all the work is being handled through specific coordination with Banyan and Honda Aircraft, JSM is able to process these line maintenance and AOG events through a client’s Flight Ready and Engine Maintenance Care programs. 

For owners who base their aircraft in the Central Gulf Coast region, the closest options for Honda Maintenance have been in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and/or Greensboro, NC. The addition of JSM as a service provider creates the ability to handle these tasks without wasting the operating cost to and from the service center. In some cases, JSM may also be able to send our Mobile Support Unit to an  owner’s facility to conduct certain jobs, thus eliminating any aircraft operating cost.

The addition of JSM as a Third Party Delegate creates more flexibility for Honda owners in our area. The ability to receive factory authorized service at a location close to home base makes this a winning combination. And as Honda increases the capability of the delegate program, you can rest assured that JSM will be ready and able to perform. 

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JSM is located at the Mobile Regional Airport (MOB) in Mobile, AL.

The Jet Services family of companies encompasses a full range of aviation services including Private Aircraft Charter, Complete Management Solutions, and a Turbine Aircraft Repair Station.  

Jet Services, Inc. is a licensed aircraft charter operator located at the Mobile Regional Airport.  We are ARGUS Gold Rated, Wyvern Registered and offer jet charter in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Bahamas as well as other Caribbean destinations. Our exclusive jetKeys include competitive charter pricing, flexible membership programs, and complete ownership solutions. 

Jet Services Maintenance, Inc. is a Part 145 Certified Repair Station located at the Mobile Regional Airport. We provide a one-stop solution for most scheduled, unscheduled, or AOG situations on most Citation, King Air, and HondaJet aircraft. 

Our commitment to safety is second to none and we have the reputation to back it up! Contact us today and let our experienced team provide you with first class safety and service at a price that is far more cost effective than the national operators or brokers.

Home offices are located in the Signature Flight Support facility in Mobile, AL (KMOB).

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