Aviation Maintenance Management

Aviation Maintenance Management

The exclusive Aviation Maintenance Management program from Jet Services fills the gap between computerized maintenance tracking and actual maintenance services for an aircraft. Our team of General Aviation Maintenance Specialists liaise between aircraft managers, maintenance providers, parts distributors, and tracking services to ensure a complete and seamless maintenance process. We utilize our extensive experience to coordinate all scheduled/unscheduled and AOG events. Our team reviews all invoicing from MROs, engine/parts program providers, and parts distributors. We maintain the aircraft logbooks to the highest standards to ensure maximum future aircraft resale value. Additionally, all aircraft logbooks are stored in fireproof, water-resistant cabinet safes to ensure the highest level of protection. Lastly, we will handle all service and warranty claims.

Essentially, when a flight crew has an issue with an aircraft, they call us! We facilitate, track, and manage everything until Return to Service. Then we get to work to be sure all the paperwork is in order, filed into the logbooks, and any applicable claims handled. It’s really that simple!

Program Components

  • Manage, maintain, and store aircraft records in a fireproof, water resistant cabinet safe.
  • Update and monitor the computerized maintenance tracking program to forecast scheduled maintenance using owner’s CESCOM, CAMP, JSSI Sierra Trax, etc.
  • Complete log book entries and ensure receipt of log entries performed by other service providers. 
  • Coordinate scheduled inspections and unscheduled maintenance work scopes.
  • Track all Life Limited Components, Alert Service Bulletins, Mandatory Service Bulletins and Service Letters, Airworthiness Directives, and other Instructions for Continued Airworthiness.
  • Report hours for the airframe and engines monthly to both the OEM and aircraft tracking service.
  • Review and process any invoices, as required.
  • Complete service and warranty claims.

In conclusion, joining the Aviation Maintenance Management program gives a flight department access to instant maintenance expertise. Pilots do a great job handling the majority of flight department needs, but Aviation Maintenance Management encompasses an entirely different subset of tasks that should be handled by an experienced team of maintenance professionals. For more information regarding this program and to receive a program proposal, please contact us by submitting the form below.

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