What are the Keys to your success? At Jet Services, we know that providing options to our clients allows for the flexibility needed to enter the aircraft charter/ ownership market. Our exclusive jetKeys provide varying levels of client involvement, while always allowing Jet Services to provide our service with the safety and privacy that our clients expect.

Which jetKey is right for you?

As a jetKey Charter client, you will have access to our fleet of FAA approved charter aircraft. Our jetKey Charter clients realize the efficiencies and privacy gained by using charter aircraft for their travel needs. We provide transportation options that allow for operations to locations that could require a couple extra days travel time when relying on traditional airline services. Pricing is handled on a trip by trip basis and is typically more cost effective than the national charter brokers/operators. Please visit our Quote page to request pricing for a future trip or call (251) 300-6600 for immediate needs.

As a client’s aircraft charter needs increase, the jetKey Membership program becomes the best way to fly more as compared to the standard jetKey Charter offerings. Members enjoy the benefits of reduced per hour rates and the ability to lock in those rates for a specified period of time. Generally, members pay a membership fee that can be structured in a monthly billing plan and then pair that with reduced per hour rates when trips are flown. Most membership clients choose 25 or 50 hour programs although higher increment options are available and can be tailored to your needs. Fully refundable, prepaid programs are also available and provide the best pricing levels. For more information on jetKey Membership opportunities, please contact Bobby Marks, Executive VP of Marketing and Sales – (251) 300-6602 or email:

Our exclusive jetKey Management program provides clients with a full service, comprehensive aircraft management solution. We will provide professionally trained flight crewmembers and the aircraft will be maintained by our first-class maintenance department. All of the concerns of running a flight department are our responsibility. Clients also have the flexibility of adding their aircraft to the Jet Services charter fleet for an added revenue benefit. The jetKey Management Program allows you to enjoy your aircraft, on your terms, and we take care of the rest. Interested in the jetKey Management Program offerings?  Contact Kevin Marks for a custom proposal based on your specific aircraft needs.

Jet Services offers aircraft sales and acquisition services to our clients.  Buying and selling aircraft is a unique marketplace. We have over three decades of experience brokering deals for our clients. Partnering with Jet Services should set you at ease. Our approach revolves around you and your mission. It’s our goal to listen to your needs to help identify the aircraft that meets your ambitions.

When you partner with us, you’re getting a package deal including the following:

  • Market Research
  • Cost Analysis
  • Potential Charter Forecast
  • Price Negotiation
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Pre-Buy Representation
  • Aircraft Closing

Once you’re the proud owner of your new aircraft, Jet Services can also serve as your management company and charter operator. We can do it all. Contact Kevin Marks, VP of Aircraft Sales, to discuss how we can make your goals a reality.

jetKey Charter and Management Programs Utilize Our FAA Approved Charter Fleet. 

Memberships Include:

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