Covid-19 update

COVID-19 Update

Jet Services, Inc. continues to engage in Aircraft Charter and Maintenance activities while monitoring the COVID-19 situation here in the United States and in international areas in which we operate. As a whole, we are following TSA, CDC, WHO and FAA guidance and requirements for how to safely continue our flight operations. Our team continues to be committed to providing safe, clean travel options for our local and national clients/customers.

New Requirements, Flight crew, and Aircraft

The TSA recently rescinded it’s security directive addressing mask requirements for all commercial flights within the US airspace system. Like our airline counterparts, Jet Services is not requiring the use of facemasks on board our aircraft. Additionally, most U.S. airports have removed their mask requirements, as well. While the mask requirement appears to lifted in the U.S., it’s still possible to find mask requirements during foreign travel. We will advise passengers on a case-by-case basis of current requirements in foreign countries.

All Jet Services employees are self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms and have full support, when necessary, to step away from work activities in the interest of their own health. As a matter of practice, our flight crews have always had the ability to come off the availability schedule when they become sick. The COVID-19 situation further exemplifies this culture and flight crews understand that they should stand down from operations at the first sign of illness.

We continue our efforts to maintain a safe passenger experience when travelling aboard Jet Services aircraft. We maintain relationships with national aircraft charter brokers and have communicated with them to determine a set of standards for aircraft cleaning/sterilization between trips. Flight crews have been trained to follow specific guidelines to provide the best possible experience for each customer on a Jet Services flight. We have hand sanitizer/sanitizing wipes on board each aircraft for any passengers, upon request. Cabin areas are wiped down and disinfected before new passengers are introduced to the cabin environment. Passengers will be briefed before each trip about how the aircraft was prepared and what sanitizing measures are available during their flight.


Each trip presents possible issues as we navigate forward with COVID-19. The FAA has alerted charter operators to check each potential destination to see if any orders exist for the state or municipality regarding COVID-19. In some cases, we may not be able to operate between certain city pairs due to the current hot spots around the country. Furthermore, international travel may also require a bit more coordination to be sure operations can be conducted within the requirements of the destination country. As you place flights on the schedule with JSI, we will research these issues and determine how we can operate with the latest COVID-19 requirements.

Our Commitment to you

Jet Services will continue to monitor national and international guidelines regarding operations and aircraft cleaning/sanitizing. Our focus has always been the safety of our clients and team members. This focus hasn’t changed, but we are hyper focused on providing a safe environment for which to conduct our charter operations. If you have any questions regarding how we are responding to COVID-19, please get in touch with us. You can use the button below to drop us a message. In the meantime, please continue to be safe and we will see you on your next flight.

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