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Why should you consider flying a private jet charter for your next vacation?

Private Jet VacationWhile 2020 cancelled many family vacations and travel with friends, 2021 is trending towards a return to leisure travel. Though vaccinations are more readily available, and individuals are more cognizant of their personal space and hygiene, the idea of returning to a full-blown airport scenario with thousands of others still seems daunting. What if there were another option?

I thought private jet charters were only for the rich and famous!

For years we have watched celebrities, athletes, actors, and singers alike traveling around the world in their own private planes. While we have looked on with jealousy in some cases, many have written off private flying as “out of their league.”  But what if we have been wrong? What if flying privately is possible? No matter where your interest level is with jet charters, there are options out there. Jet Services provides competitive jet charter pricing for your travel needs. But it doesn’t stop there. Maybe you want to make a habit of flying privately. Jet Services has a customizable membership program for you that will allow you to save on hourly rates and purchase flight time in bulk. The notion that flying a private jet charter is only for the rich and famous is no more.

What if you could do away with long layovers?

Travelers generally approach their trip with trepidation wondering if the flights might get delayed or even cancelled, will they miss their flight; or the dread of hearing you have a multi-hour layover en route to your destination. But what if there was a way to remove those concerns? The good news is private jet charters allow you to skip the long layovers and fly direct to your destination. Jet Services is a team that is exceptionally skilled at creating efficiencies for every aspect of jet travel. That includes getting you to your destination with no worries and less trouble.

Where can I go on a private jet charter?

Jet Services takes the old saying, “the sky is the limit,” to a new level. Jet Services offers leisure jet charters in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America, as well as the Bahamas and other Caribbean destinations. While commercial flights are limited in scope of where they can and cannot go, a light jet charter makes it easy to visit non-tourist areas, perhaps a private beach or a home in the mountains.

When you begin planning your next vacation, check out Jet Services and see the ease that comes with private jet charters. Don’t waste a minute in travel time that could be spent enjoying your vacation.

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